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About Us

What is Indianapolis Moonlighters?

Way back during the first "dot-crunch" in 2001, Indianapolis Moonlighters was conceived, designed, and operated by a group of "displaced" Indianapolis-area computer professionals as a way to help connect local I.T. workers in similar situations with the local-area businesses that need their services. It is specifically targeted towards (but not limited to) ...

I.T. professionals in the Indianapolis area who...

  • ... need short-term, or part-time work during a transition between regular jobs

  • ... are looking for "side" projects during evenings and weekends to "keep their tech chops up"

  • ... work full time as independent consultants and/or contractors

As well as small businesses in the Indianapolis area who...

  • ... need short-term I.T. work or one-off projects completed

  • ... need to temporarily supplement existing I.T. staff with a particular skill set or expertise

  • ... do not have the desire or budget to maintain a full-time I.T. staff

  • ... do not have the desire or budget or hire expensive, agency-placed consultants

How does this work?

If you are a consultant...

  1. Post your resume, or link to your external resume page here. This will also create your indymoonlighters account.

  2. Log in with your email address and password here.

  3. Search for a job that piques your interest here, or just wait for potential employers to contact you.

  4. Contact the person who posted the job by email, phone, or via an on-line bid form.

  5. If you get the job, complete it with quality, efficiency, and timeliness.

  6. If the person posting the job leaves feedback about your performace, feel free to reciprocate or reply.

  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 as necessary.

If you are an employer...

  1. Post your job, or link to your external job page here. This will also create your indymoonlighters account.

  2. Log in with your email address and password here.

  3. Search our resume database for a potential contractor here, or just wait for an interested contractor to contact you.

  4. Contact the person who posted the resume by email, phone, or via an on-line bid request form.

  5. Assign your job to one or more contractors. Make arrangements with them on start dates, due dates, and compensation.

  6. Mark your job as complete to remove it from the database. Post feedback for your contractors to express your appreciation, disappointment, or indifference.

  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 as necessary.

How much does all this cost?

Indianapolis Moonlighters is free to both employers and contractors. We are not affiliated with any commercial placement agency, headhunter group, or staffing firm. However, if you or your company are interested in partnering with us or helping out with advertising, equipment, connectivity, time, or effort, we would love to hear from you. Additionally, the engines and objects that drive this site are available for sale.

What is the philosophy behind this service?

Our intention with Indianapolis Moonlighters was to provide a job-search experience superior to that of the so-called "big name" boards by creating the type of site we would want to use. With that in mind...

  1. While the site is easy to use for both employers and contractors, it is in reality, contractor-centric.

  2. Setting up a resume and/or job posting is quick, easy, and flexible.

  3. There are no banners, popups, ad-redirects, data harvesters, or tracking databases on the site.

  4. Resumes and job listings are tailored to local (Indianapolis) I.T. contractors and small to medium-sized businesses.

  5. Postings are regularly screened to reduce the number of unrelated jobs and resumes as well as spam postings. If one slips through, users can notify administrators of the oversight with a single click.

  6. Employers and contractors can provide public feedback on their experiences working together. This encourages quality and professionalsim as well as providing some advance warning about "bad apples in the bunch."

  7. Contractors can maintain the privacy of their email and other personal information without penalty, and will still be able to be contacted by employers.

  8. Only active participants in the service may scan jobs and resumes, thus curtailing resume and email harvesters, job spammers, and leeches.

  9. Interaction, mutual cooperation, information sharing, technical assistance, and professional networking is encouraged through the community message board and chat room.

What types of jobs/resumes can I find here?

We specialize, but don't limit ourselves to, application development and modification, short-term programming, networking, PC installation/repair, web design, and I.T. analysis assignments. Most of our applicants are people who have full-time day jobs, have been recently laid off, or are full-time, professional contractors. The majority of the companies that use our service are small shops that either don't have an I.T. department, or are looking to temporarily supplement their I.T. departments for specific projects.

Do you realize you could make more money if you would change your policy about not [insert "get rich quick and increase traffic by exploiting your users" scheme here]?


The job/resume postings seem to have dried up recently. What can we do about that?

Don't be discouraged. Traffic seems to come and go in waves. Currently, Indianapolis Moonlighters advertises strictly by word of mouth. Because we do not spam lists of potential companies or employees several times a week, we are at a severe disadvantage in getting our name on the street. You can help by spreading the word among any professional contacts you might have who are in need of a service such as this. Additionally, if you have a resume or business site and would like to help out, banners and buttons are available. If your site is relevant to the job search/Indiana economy/I.T. Contractor industry and might be of use to our users, we will gladly reciprocate the link on our resources page. Just drop us a line and let us know who you are.

Where to I send abuse complaints, bug reports, typo lists, suggestions for improving my indymoonlighters.com experience, or other questions?

If you are not a spammer (or bill collector), you may address all correspondence to the webmaster.

Scott Richardson Law -- 464-9051  


For part-time/full-time job search needs, visit our sister site: Indyjobseeker.com

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