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Fosnaught, Erik  Experienced IT Contractor (Not Rated) 11/13/2009
Uhri, John  ASP.NET Freelancer - Resource Summary (Not Rated) 1/30/2009
(Resume #2178) Desktop Publishing (Not Rated) 12/25/2008
(Resume #2177) Executive Administrative Assistant (Not Rated) 12/23/2008
(Resume #2176) Proven Sales Leader (Not Rated) 12/23/2008
(Resume #2175) Experienced Manager (Not Rated) 12/23/2008
Malone, Pat  Pat's Resume (Not Rated) 12/13/2008
Eller, Ronald Shane Network Admin / Web Developer (Not Rated) 12/13/2008
Heiob, Robert Joseph Commercial Construction Superintendent (Not Rated) 12/13/2008
(Resume #2146) Business Development Expert/Proven Leader (Not Rated) 11/24/2008
Ferrell, Daryl Victor Great attitiude and fast learner, and team player. (Not Rated) 11/23/2008
Roast, Chuck  No-nonsense IT Guru
Fravel, Mayme  Web Developer, Feature and Technical Writer & Editor (Not Rated) 11/22/2008
Knuckles, Christopher L 9 Year Tech Support Specialist (Not Rated) 11/17/2008
Jacobs, Jeff  Regional Financial Manager (Not Rated) 11/15/2008
Barnett, Anthony  IT (Not Rated) 11/14/2008
Carpenter, Todd  E Network Admin (Not Rated) 11/1/2008
Bejar, Pamela  Jean Pamela J Resume (Not Rated) 10/27/2008
Hancock, Holly  Healthcare/Education/Training (Not Rated) 10/25/2008
Posto, Kimberly Anne Purdue Graduate - Industrial Hygiene/Health & Safety (Not Rated) 10/23/2008
Walker, Wendy L Information Technology Specialist (Not Rated) 10/12/2008
Eldridge, Ryan  Main (Not Rated) 10/5/2008
Johnson, Matthew  Networking Specialist
Berker, Alp Z Database Programmer/System Analyst (Not Rated) 9/15/2008
Smith, Richard  Computer Tech (Not Rated) 9/10/2008
(Resume #2161) Part Time Evening and Weekend Assistance (Not Rated) 9/8/2008
Viegas, Gavin  Chemist with IT experience (Not Rated) 8/29/2008
Boyd, Brent Anthony one (Not Rated) 8/29/2008
Pickler, Alice Jane Alice Pickler/Alice's Artwerks (Not Rated) 8/17/2008
Zicht, Erik  New IT Grad (Not Rated) 8/9/2008
Kennedy, Todd  Todd Kennedy IT Project Leadership, Software Testing and Support (Not Rated) 7/23/2008
faulkner, doug  mcse (Not Rated) 7/3/2008
GROOT, JOHN  Network Admin (Not Rated) 7/2/2008
Brown, Rebecca  MCSE (Not Rated) 7/2/2008
Wende, Shiloh C Microsoft IT Academy Student (Not Rated) 7/2/2008
Hill, Tammy  Database Administrator & Site Supervisor (Not Rated) 6/29/2008
Sheehan, Mark  Mark's Resume (Not Rated) 6/25/2008
Myers, Keith R CAD Software Developer/Web Developer (Not Rated) 5/29/2008
Eterno, Nicole  Software Developer (Not Rated) 5/27/2008
REED, ROBERT  ROBERT REED (Not Rated) 5/23/2008
Edwards, Laura Yvonne Coming in March to Indy... (Not Rated) 5/21/2008
Meents, Adam Shawn Technical Communicator (Not Rated) 5/19/2008
Cline-Smith, Christopher  Network Administrator (Not Rated) 5/17/2008
Tuchman, Walt  Gold (Not Rated) 5/11/2008
Lee, Dave  Graphic Designer (Not Rated) 5/7/2008
(Resume #2027) Lurye resume (Not Rated) 4/18/2008
Clark, Adam W IT Administrator with Experience (Not Rated) 4/12/2008
Snider, Darrin J. I.T. Manager With 13 Years of Industry Experience
Hinsch, Eric M Entry Level Web Designer (Not Rated) 4/10/2008
W, Katrina  Recent College Grad (Not Rated) 4/7/2008
Kersey, Timothy John Timothy Kersey resume (Not Rated) 3/31/2008
Board, Clint  Experienced Hands-on IT Manager (Not Rated) 2/15/2008
Nagle, Andrew Michael Andrew Nagle Resume (Not Rated) 2/3/2008
Cottingham, Carol  Events Specialist (Not Rated) 1/19/2008
Mefford, Mark Travis Information Technology (Not Rated) 1/14/2008
Jones, Thomas E Experienced Professional (Not Rated) 1/14/2008
(Resume #2182) IT Specialist (Not Rated) 1/4/2008
(Resume #2181) Configuration Management Specialist (Not Rated) 1/4/2008
(Resume #2180) Technical Support Specialist (Not Rated) 1/4/2008
(Resume #2179) MCSA Resume (Not Rated) 1/4/2008
Godfrey, Kasimu Kala Kasimu Godfrey (Not Rated) 1/1/2008
Ballard, Brian  Application Development Manager (Not Rated) 12/18/2007
Kelley, Bryan  Bryan Kelley (Not Rated) 12/8/2007
Babbitt, Michael  Ryan Mechanical Engineer (Not Rated) 12/5/2007
Asava, Dennis  IT GURU (Not Rated) 12/2/2007
Plummer, Julie  College Graduate looking for Professional Employment (Not Rated) 11/25/2007
Carter, Daryll  Operations Manager (Not Rated) 11/12/2007
Timashev, Albert Rifovich Analyst / Predictor / Expert (Not Rated) 11/10/2007
Farley, Aaron  Professional Resume (Not Rated) 10/30/2007
Krall, Kris  Scott K.Krall res (Not Rated) 10/25/2007
Bryan, Alan  Great Computer Programmer!! (Not Rated) 10/20/2007
Kendall, Stephen  Administrator/Developer/Support
Davis, Joshua Kieth Computer Networking Professional (Not Rated) 10/9/2007
Patil, Nitin  Oracle PL/SQLl DEVELOPER (Not Rated) 10/9/2007
Spicklemire, Jerry  Computer Systems Engineer (Not Rated) 9/22/2007
Lee, Brian  Widely Skilled Graphic Designer (Not Rated) 9/16/2007
Wade, Ryan E QA Analyst / MS Office Developer (Not Rated) 9/10/2007
Wenzel, Amanda Michele Graphic Design (Not Rated) 9/3/2007
Parks, Gregory Richard IT Support (Desktop Support and Helpdesk Experience) (Not Rated) 8/26/2007
Wooldridge, Michael  Business Intelligence Professional (Not Rated) 8/26/2007
Yaganti, Ugandhar Srini Sr.Oracle Programmer (Not Rated) 8/20/2007
Taylor, Doug  Project Management (Not Rated) 8/20/2007
Champer, James  Single emplyee independent consulting agency for hire (Not Rated) 8/19/2007
Bodenhorn, Michael Allen Graphic Designer (Not Rated) 7/30/2007
Varadi, Robert  Database Administrator / Application Developer
Higdon, Nathan  Network / Systems Analyst
Johanssen, David  MCSE, CCNE, MCD Seeking Contract Work (Not Rated) 7/13/2007
Ramanan, Sasidhar  Mainframe Programmer/Web Developer (Not Rated) 7/12/2007
Benson, Robert  Technical Sales Specialist (Not Rated) 7/10/2007
Saputera, Julius  JuliusSaputera (Not Rated) 7/2/2007
DeVine, Brad  Network Engineer (Not Rated) 6/15/2007
Ali, Syed Ghaus Experienced Software & Database Developer (Not Rated) 6/3/2007
Talamantes, John  Student looking for engineering/Design work (Not Rated) 5/31/2007
Bristol, Tammie  Girl Friday for hire! (Not Rated) 5/26/2007
Barrier, Chris  Well Trained IT Employee Ready to Start Career (Not Rated) 5/5/2007
Randolph, Antoinette  ACCOUNTING (Not Rated) 5/4/2007
Allen, Terry  Manager of Information Systems (Not Rated) 3/10/2007
Mayo, Brian  VP & CTO (Not Rated) 1/28/2007
Rice, Kim  Enty Level IT (Not Rated) 1/19/2007
Lauer, Steve  Graphic Designer
Shortt, James  Systems Engineer (Not Rated) 12/21/2006
Chappell, Troy  Systems Administrator
Davis, Kimberly Michele Office Manager (Not Rated) 11/22/2006
Davis, Annette  A Davis - Indianapolis Area Independent Consultant (Not Rated) 11/9/2006
Asbery, James Curtis MY RESUME (Not Rated) 10/29/2006
Chandrasekhar, Shubha  Mainframes, Web Page Development, MS Utilities. (Not Rated) 8/11/2006
Hutt, David  Hardware and Software Technical Support (Not Rated) 6/19/2006
Moon, Darrin  Technical Support/Help Desk (Not Rated) 5/13/2006
Sprague, Andrea  MBA Graduate (Not Rated) 4/22/2006
Mitchell, Larry  Desktop Support / Microcomputer Analyst (Not Rated) 3/27/2006
King, Austin  Austin King (Not Rated) 3/21/2006
Drzewiecki, Daniel  LOOKING FOR PART TIME COBOL/CICS EMPLOYMENT (Not Rated) 3/18/2006
Romano, Christine  Recent MCIS Graduate (Not Rated) 1/21/2006
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